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Jennifer Lawlor
Freehold, NY
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Being Mindful of Others

March 9, 2018

We're three months into 2018 and I have to ask, “How are you all doing with those New Year's Resolutions?” I suppose if you're like me in previous years, you've shifted focus and some of those goals you had hoped to achieve this year have taken a back seat. I know how it is. Life is busy and unpredictable. It's complicated. It's simple to say I'm doing it this year, yet not so simple to implement it. I want to encourage you, if you've lost focus on your resolutions, it's not too late to get back on track. If you made a list, break it out and if you didn't, make one now! Remind yourself of what you wanted to accomplish this year, then buckle in and start again. Be persistent! I know it's hard but repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Make new habits and alter your mindset. Commit yourself to it. To keep those goals you're going to have to fight for it. Fight those old habits, fight the world that is working against you, fight your thoughts that tell you, “You CAN”T do this”.


Believe that you CAN and then DO.

If, on the other hand, you're still plugging away at your resolutions –



Great job, you're doing it.


Keep going and push harder! What you've done so far is no easy task and you have endured. Changing our lives for the better is equivalent to working against the grain and requires a lot of hard work and endurance. Keep your goal before you at all times. This is a marathon, not a sprint so pace yourself and reward yourself at those happy mile markers.


One of my personal and professional goals was to be more mindful of others this year. Let me share with you what I've discovered.


 Now it's your turn!

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